Angela Pringle selected as Richmond County schools superintendent in 7-2 vote

The Richmond County board of education selected Angela Pringle as their next superintendent Tuesday, officially ending their search just days before current superintendent Frank Roberson leaves his office.


The board took a roll call vote to approve Pringle’s selection, which passed 7-2. Board members Alex Howard and Jack Padgett were the only board members present to vote against Pringle’s hiring. Board member Frank Dolan did not attend the meeting.

Pringle has been working in the DeKalb County school system since 2007, beginning as a high school principal and working her way up to Region 2 superintendent in 2010. As a superintendent, she has overseen 18,000 students in 23 elementary schools, three middle schools, five high schools and two alternative programs. She has managed a $7.7 million budget and 1,927 employees.

Board Chair Venus Cain said the next step in the process would be for board attorney Pete Fletcher to negotiate a contract with Pringle. If Pringle does not accept the position before Roberson steps down on Friday, deputy superintendent Tim Spivey will act as interim superintendent until the position is filled.

Cain said she felt “very good” about Pringle’s selection, and said based on experience level and the past work she did for DeKalb County, she was the best candidate for the job.

“She understands how to gather and use data to adjust curriculum for the better and help better school systems,” Cain said. “She’s also shown that she knows how to incorporate community leaders, chambers, local businesses and other institutions into her plans, which is very important.”

Board Vice Chair Helen Minchew also said Pringle’s experience best qualified her to assume the superintendent position.

“I think she’s very well qualified based on her application documents and the people I have talked to,” Minchew said. “We’ve had people call us from DeKalb County and tell us that she is a fine person. I’ve looked at things on the Internet and tried to examine her background as best as I could. Based on all of that, I think she will be an asset to our system.”

For Padgett, though, Pringle’s experience was too limited for the role.

“I didn’t want to hire someone without previous superintendent experience,” Padgett said. “There were some other minor concerns for me, but that was the major one. I think we need a superintendent that is at least not a beginner, especially since we have a large school system.”

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