CRCT scores climb for 8th grade students statewide



Older students’ test scores increased statewide and younger pupils showed mixed results in the latest – and last – Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests results, released Thursday.

The exam took place this spring, with the Georgia Department of Education releasing results.

Eighth-graders, in particular, showed improvements, with the number of students exceeding standards increasing in all subjects covered by the exam. The number of eighth-grade students exceeding state standards in reading rose by 8 percent, by 2 percentage points in English language arts and in mathematics by 3 points.

On the lower “met standard” level, exam scores among elementary and middle school students were mixed. Percentages of elementary and middle school students meeting or exceeding standards rose in 14 of 30 grade-specific, content-area CRCTs taken this year, but eight areas showed no change, and percentages decreased in eight more.

Reading scores remained the constant among all grade levels, either increasing or remaining static.

The CRCTs were meant to test how well first through eighth grade students “acquire the skills and knowledge described in the state mandated content standards in reading, English/language arts, mathematics, science and social studies,” according to the state Department of Education Web site. Students must meet or exceed state standards on the exam before moving forward to their next grade.

This will be the last year Georgia students will undergo CRCTs. The exam will be replaced by the Georgia Milestones testing system next year. According to an Department of Education news release, the Georgia Milestones will be more in line with Georgia’s current Common Core standards, and more rigorous in preparing students for college and future careers.

Results specific to school districts will be released later this month and results for individual schools will be released about July 10.