Richmond County school system produces video

In an effort to highlight positive aspects of a school system that’s battling negative perceptions, the Richmond County school board released a video Friday showcasing technology-based initiatives and the district’s focus on providing
“quality public school education.”
The 1-minute video, produced in-house by school employees, is designed to inform the public about the variety of educational opportunities available in Richmond County schools. In particular, the video focuses on how the school system’s Bring Your Own Technology program positively affects student achievement and the many magnet school options available.

“We wanted to reach out to the community and show everyone what’s been going on in our schools, mostly the things they may not get through regular media exposure,” Superintendent Frank Roberson said. “We have the best of both worlds here, as far as training for both higher education and for the workforce. We are excited to … present the video so everyone can see what kind of options we provide for quality public education.”


The school commercial can be viewed at

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