School system will not release investigation on Laney principal

The internal investigation involving Lucy C. Laney Principal Tonia Mason will not be made public as part of a condition of her settlement agreement with the Richmond County School System, according to a letter from board attorney Pete Fletcher in response to a request for records from The Augusta Chronicle.

Mason submitted her resignation Monday, which will take effect June 30. She said she had been planning to move for some time to be closer to her daughter who attends Albany State University.

The Richmond County School System began an investigation involving Mason earlier this year, the details of which have not been released.

The executive board of the Richmond County As­sociation of Educators, which includes Mason, also asked Georgia Association of Educators to conduct an audit of their local finances, which is being conducted by an independent public accounting firm, according to GAE legal director Mike Mc­Gonigle.

Mason joined the school system as a teacher in 1996, later became an administrator and was recruited to Laney in 2010 to implement a three-year, $3 million School Improvement Grant aimed at reforming the school culture and boosting achievement.

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