Fort Gordon club awards $21,000 in grants, scholarships

Continuing its commitment to education and community involvement, the Fort Gordon Spouse’s and Ci­vilian’s Club awarded $21,000 in grants and scholarships this summer to more than 30 students and community service and military organizations.


The endowments, courtesy of the Army’s post’s thrift store and split evenly among scholarship and grants donations, comes as the spouse’s and civilian’s club celebrates its 40th anniversary as a nonprofit organization.

It’s an observance the association’s director said fits nicely with its annual tradition of furthering the education and missions of high school seniors and local outreach groups.

“Supporting organizations that make a difference in our community and assisting people who are trying to better their lives through education are core to the beliefs of the Fort Gordon Spouse’s and Civilian’s Club,” said Angela Kennedy, the club’s president.

For 2013, the club presented $10,500 in grants to community service and military organizations and $10,500 in scholarships to graduating seniors and a military spouse pursuing a college degree.

The club is an active part of the Fort Gordon community, leading service projects, operating the Thrift Shop and providing volunteer opportunities, special events and activities.

A private nonprofit organization, the club is not affiliated with Fort Gordon or the Army. Membership is $15 annually and is open to anyone affiliated with Fort Gordon. For more information, visit or



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