Superintendent Frank Roberson's contract up for renewal


The Richmond County Board of Education will wait until the 11th hour to determine whether to renew Su­per­intendent Frank Roberson’s contract.


A discussion on the issue is set to be added to the Aug. 20 meeting agenda, which is two days before Roberson’s three-year contract ends, board attorney Pete Fletcher said.

At least six of the 10 board members must cast an affirmative vote to keep Roberson as the district’s leader by renewing or extending his contract. If the board takes no action, or if five or fewer votes are cast in his favor, the contract will expire.

Several board members reached Monday would
not comment about the contract.

Roberson was hired Aug. 23, 2010, with the promise to lead Richmond County schools into a “world class” educational system. His early goals were to boost student achievement and expand the number of magnet programs in the district.

He fell ill six months later with complications from an arteriovenous malformation, an abnormal collection of blood vessels on the brain, and underwent emergency surgery.

Roberson was absent for 19 months while he recovered and returned to work part time in December 2011. He came back full time in September 2012, when his physician provided a right-to-work letter to the board.

Because of the timing of his illness and short period since his return, the board has conducted only one evaluation on Roberson – a process that is supposed to be performed annually, according to his contract.

Since his return in Sep­tem­ber, Roberson has dealt with a budget crisis, the state’s shift to a new teacher evaluation system and curriculum, and the implementation of a plan to better analyze student data, among other responsibilities.

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