ASU gear running out; GRU not selling

Fans of the Augusta State University name and logo might only have through the end of summer to purchase school supplies and apparel sporting the ASU brand.


All merchandise with the Augusta State design is 50 percent off at the campus bookstore, and a manager said Wednesday they plan to increase the discount to 70 percent next week in hopes of clearing out all gear by the start of the fall semester.

Only 15 percent of ASU merchandise remains, said Michelle Neely, the retail operations manager at the JagStore in Washington Hall.

“It’s kind of slim pickings right now,” Neely said of items featuring the Augusta State name and logo.

While the JagStore on campus still has Augusta State school supplies and sporting goods, men’s and women’s shorts, long-sleeve and polo-style shirts, and hats and visors are the items it most has in stock.

Neely said the Augusta State brand was discontinued in October, and that the bookstore began ordering merchandise with a generic “Jaguar Nation” slogan in November to prepare students for January, when Augusta State and Georgia Health Sciences universities finalized consolidation and the Georgia Regents University line was unveiled.

Neely said students have accepted the consolidation and are beginning to rally behind the new name, but she won’t know whether that will translate into dollars until the fall, when a new freshman class enters and excitement of a new school year picks up sales.

Because there is so much “uncertainty” in the consolidation among the student body, upperclassmen said Wednesday that many people are avoiding buying anything with the GRU logo on it.

“A year or two from now sales may pick up,” said Jasmine Cruz, a senior art major.

Lilli Cain, a junior psychology and Spanish major, said the only increase in sales she could predict is for items with the Jaguar logo or the phrase “Jaguar Nation.”

“That’s the only thing we have to fall back on,” Cain said. “We’re kind of in an identity crisis. That keeps our identity.”

Augusta State bookstore prepares for new school name, logo

• Women’s jackets

• Men and women’s long-sleeve and polo shirts

• Hats and visors

• Golf accessories and basketballs

• Flags and tattoos

• Mouse pads

• Ponchos

• Pens and pencils

• Keychains



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