Richmond, Columbia county schools among SRNS grant winners

Evans Elementary School teachers Kristie Marchman (left) and Karin Heise (right) were among 172 area educators honored Thursday night as recipients of Savannah River Nuclear Solutions "innovative teaching mini grants" to help enhance science, math and technology programs. Also shown is SRNS president and CEO Dwayne Wilson.

Savannah River Nuclear Solutions awarded $75,000 in “innovative teaching mini grants” Thursday night to 172 area educators, including several recipients in Richmond and Columbia counties.


The program supports innovative teaching methods by funding projects that enhance elementary and middle school science, math and technology programs.

Karin Heise, a resource teacher at Evans Elementary School, was among the recipients. She plans to use her $500 grant to buy software from England designed to improve students’ short-term and long-term memories.

“We are so grateful to SRNS,” she said. “This is a great gift for the kids and our teachers.”

Also honored during the ceremony were Heise’s fellow Evans Elementary teachers Ann Jones, Susan Richey and Kristie Marchman, who received a $1,000 mini grant for their “Study Island” project, designed to enhance study skills with a “fun but practical” set of teaching tools.

Other honorees from Columbia County are Lakeside Middle School’s Darlene Belton, Melissa Dupree, and Mia Wuchte for their “laboratory investigation and frog dissection” project; Baker Place Elementary’s Sandra Ringel for “Hands-on fun with math and science”; Jane ElLaissi and Joan Adkins of Stallings Island Middle for a project entitled “System-atically Science”; and Lewiston Elementary’s Alicia Miller, for a project called “Can You Dig It.”

A selection committee, comprised of Savannah River Site employees, reviewed 385 grant proposals and selected 117 projects to collectively receive a total of $75,000. The amount budgeted for the program had been increased by $25,000 this year.

The grants are provided through corporate funding by the parent companies of SRNS: Fluor Federal Services, Newport News Nuclear, and Honeywell.

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1. The Eyes Have it! - Erria Daniels - A. L. Corbett Middle

2. “Space Math” Mission to Mars!- Margaret Brown - Aiken Middle

3. Laboratory Investigation and “Frog Dissection” – Darlene Belton, Melissa Dupree, and Mia Wuchte - Lakeside Middle

4. Passing the PASS (Palmetto Assessment of State Standards) – Trina Minolfo Terlizzi – Kennedy Middle

5. A Colorful World – La’Kendra Garrett – Merriwether Elementary

6. Reaching Readers Through Math, Science and Social Studies – Mrs. Polly Riede – Chukker Creek Elementary

7. Numicon: Multi-sensory Math – Jane Ayers – Belvedere Elementary

8. Playground Forecast – Janette Godwin – Chukker Creek Elementary

9. The Long and Short of It – Karin Heise – Evans Elementary

10. Chrome Learning – Jenny Yonce – W. E. Parker Elementary

11. Record Makers and Breakers: Using Algebra to Analyze Change – Ellen Cotton – Jefferson Elementary

12. “Whole-ly Cow! “A Common Core Unit On Whole Numbers and Fractions – Holly Palmer – Chukker Creek Elementary

13. Meeting More Math – Erin Bradberry – Aiken Elementary School

14. Water Wow! – Elizabeth Eberhard – Aiken Elementary

15. We’ve Been Framed – Jessica Icenhour – Aiken Elementary

16. “More ArchKIDecture” – Carla Tudor Kerrigan – Aiken Elementary

17. “Power”ful Learning – Marianne Swearingen – Aiken Elementary

18. Sink Your Teeth Into This! Animal Adaptations – Laura Christenbury – Millbrook Elementary

19. Apples for Learning “MINI” Math Skills – Julie Baker Cruse – Millbrook Elementary

20. Lights, Camera, Action… Metamorphosis – Sunny Forker – Millbrook Elementary

21. Suitcase Science – Keller Hastings – Millbrook Elementary

22. IT’S IN THE BAG!!! – Leah Lewis – Millbrook Elementary

23. Preschool Family Farm - Jennifer Melton and Carole Anderson – Millbrook Elementary

24. LEGO Builders – Chasity McDaniel – Millbrook Elementary

25. Solving the Mystery of Our Ecosystems – Lisa Montgomery – Millbrook Elementary

26. You Light Up My World – Kelly Moulton – Millbrook Elementary

27. Bridging the Gap – Karey Santos – Millbrook Elementary

28. “Box ‘Em Up” – Denise Spacek – Millbrook Elementary

29. Fractions: It’s a Whole Lot of Fun – Vanessa Stone – Millbrook Elementary

30. Metric Mania – Jenny Taylor – Millbrook Elementary

31. Speaking of Science through Speech Therapy – Tomeka Williams and Mandy Stevens – Millbrook Elementary

32. LEGO: Letting Everyone Get Opportunities – Allison Newbegin – LBC Middle

33. Connecting with K-Nex – Mary Brooks – LBC Middle School

34. Inspiring Student Participation and Learning through IPod Touch Technology – Beverly Willis – Chukker Creek Elementary

35. Fill in the Holes – Jessica Walker – Chukker Creek Elementary

36. Oh “Cell” Can You See – Jane DiTullio-Chukker Creek Elementary School

37. We can Talk! With Technology – Barbara Bowers and Caroline Day – Chukker Creek Elementary

38. Moving to Music and Math – Denise Barnhart – Oakwood Windsor Elementary

39. Hands-On Fun with Math and Science – Sandra Ringel – Baker Place Elementary

40. Measurement Matters – Julie McLain and Patricia Carroll – Mead Hall Episcopal

41. Hands-On to Common Core – Theresa Spieker - Mossy Creek Elementary

42. Science MATTERS! Magnificent Activities To Train & Enrich Remarkable Scientists – Marni Lawson – Chukker Creek Elementary

43. Numbers, Noodles, and Notebooks – Theresa Casey – Chukker Creek Elementary

44. Mobile Classroom Tool – Matthew Wilkin – Chukker Creek Elementary

45. Mighty Manipulatives: Mastering the Art of Sorting, Patterning and Counting – Angela Fallaw – Johnston Elementary

46. T.A.L.K. (Technologically Advancing Language Knowledge) – Leslie Bailey and Ashka Holmes – North Augusta Elementary

47. “System” –atically Science – Jane ElLaissi and Joan Adkins - Stallings Island Middle

48. Making Measurement Meaniful – Davina Truitt – East Aiken School of The Arts

49. Bringing Color to Learning” – Grace Tumampos, Alexandra Timandi, Laura Deal and Emilia Davis – East Aiken School of the Arts

50. Size Matters: Mastering Measurement – Ginger Pope – Hammond Hill Elementary

51. “FRACTION ACTION!” – Jan Boulineau – Hammond Hill Elementary

52. Leap into Learning – Kristen Printup – Hammond Hill Elementary

53. Experimenting, Exploring, and Engineering Our World Through Preschool Play – Uyen Nguyen Griffis – Hammond Hill Elementary

54. “Hands on Alphabet” – Alexandra Timandi – East Aiken School of the Arts

55. “A Part, A Piece, A Portion – Means Fraction!” – Nan Croft – Warrenville Elementary

56. Manipulating Math – Bobbi Noe – North Augusta Elementary

57. Building A Foundation: Maths Concepts from Concrete to Abstract – Melissa Henry, Tyisha Carter, Charidy Simon, Latoya Wise – North Aiken Elementary

58. Reading Mathematically – Brandi Busbee – Gloverville Elementary

59. RAPP (Resolve All Problems Peacefully) – Pamela Shelnutt and Miranda Whitson – Chukker Creek Elementary

60. At the Mall with Algebar: Working with Variables and Equations – Kristine Pencille – Jefferson Elementary

61. Early Math Matters – Sandra Josey, Carolyn Holston and Nicole Cummings – Greendale Elementary

62. “AIMING” for Spectacular Science and Math Students – Carol Hayes – Greendale Elementary

63. Symbolic Expressions – Gail Cummings and CaraLynn Williams – Greendale Elementary

64. No Child Left Inside – Jenny Mims – W. E. Parker Elementary

65. Got Help? – Rewa Milton – Merriwether Middle

66. “Aiming for Scientific Success” – Sarah McKinnon, Jennifer Green and Julianne Dove – Greendale Elementary

67. STEM + Arts = STEAM --- Tessellations? A Familiar Association through Technology –Yupik - Leona Guyton - Jackson Middle

68. Science and The Last Survivors Trilogy – Janice Johnson, Mike Jonhson and April Slack – Jackson Middle

69. Creative Strategies for Writers Online Writing Center – Diane Hancock – Mead Hall Episcopal

70. “Shape It Up” – Dawn Bryant, Lisa Davis, Sarah Walton and Amy Swanson – J. D. Lever Elementary

71. Aiken’s Atomic Age – Karen Matthews and Bonnie McNeill – New Ellenton Middle

72. Starry Starry Night – Mary Johnson and Scott Sutherland – New Ellenton Middle School

73. “Feel the Force” – Amber Scates – W. E. Parker Elementary

74. “Splish, Splach!” – Pam Moore – W. E. Parker Elementary

75. Wild & Wacky Weather – Mandy Lowe – Merriwether Elementary

76. “Investigative Minds” – Frane Risse’ – Belvedere Elementary

77. “Nuts about Science” – Logan Meeks – Belvedere Elementary



1. It is Rocket Science – Margaret Fussell – Aiken Middle

2. 93 Million Miles from the Earth: A 4th Grade Celestial Sojourn – Katherine Mitchum, Michelle Fernandez, Lisa Robinson and Crystal Watkins – Byrd Elementary

3. “Crazy Crayfish!” – Stacey Chafin, Jason Martin, Ginny Busbee and Andrea Williams – Byrd Elementary

4. Engaging Science with Hands-on Activities – Susan Sadler and Nancy McMichael – Mead Hall Episcopal

5. “Addbra Subtracta” Becoming Mathemagicians – Palema Shaffer – A. Brian Merry Elementary

6. Life Cycles Gone wild – Ivey Peteet, Anna Underwood, Shomoneik Brown, and Kimberli Herring – East Aiken School of the Arts

7. Fundamentals of Flight – Up and Up and Away – Theresa Bone – Westminster Schools of Augusta

8. “Can You Dig It” – Alicia Miller – Lewiston Elementary

9. Simulations that Power Inquiry and Understanding! Christine Walcott – A. L. Corbett Middle

10. Just Click It! – Ashley Elvis – Mead Hall Episcopal, Aiken Prep Campus

11. Show me the Money – Tamekia Valentine – New Ellenton Middle

12. GPS: Geometry Problem Solvers – Debra Rood, Kerri Dean and Renee Johnson– New Ellenton Middle

13. “Do Into Math” – Jennifer Rice – W. E. Parker Elementary

14. The Mathkins Sleep Over – Nancy Jolly – W. E. Parker Elementary


CATEGORY C ($1,000)

1. Stomp Out Bullying – Katrina Brooks – Clearwater Elementary

2. Motion Fun Homemade Style – Patricia Johnson – Allendale Elementary

3. “Little Ears Are Listening” – Roberta Conner and Frankie Young – Chukker Creek Elementary

4. Project G.R.O.S.S. – Ester Blake and Amanda Sheppard - Chukker Creek Elementary

5. Play That Groovy Music! Incorporating Math and Technology into the Music Classroom – Anne Blackwell – Aiken Elementary

6. “Let’s Get Physical” – Cheryl Zimmerman – Millbrook Elementary

7. Upper School Laboratory Improvement Program – Kathy James – Francis Hugh Wardlaw Academy

8. STARLAB: Bringing the Galaxy to Our Front Door – Nancy Brady-Wood – Kelly Edwards Elementary

9. Math is Marvelous! – Courtney Harley – LBC Middle

10. No More Pencils, No More Books! – Holly Wills, Mary Anne Brookshire and Pat Maranda – Chukker Creek Elementary

11. “And the Fossil Says” – Debbie McCain – Merriwether Middle

12. Turning Point Clickers: A Turning Point in Teaching – Sharon Segres, Kelly Reynolds and Kari Heins – Mead Hall Episcopal

13. E-books = Science Made E – asy, Melanie Starks – East Aiken School of the Arts

14. Fractions In Action – Susan Gerstenberger, Erica Neal, Amanda Mcllvoy and Cathy Burbury – East Aiken School of the Arts

15. Science Outdoors – Kenneth Bailey – Francis Wardlaw Academy

16. Making Math Count – Karyn Fennel-Dawson, Elizabeth McClearenn, Dana Williams and Jodi Webster – Greendale Elementary

17. Cloudy with a Chance … of Science – Laura Jolly – W. E. Parker Elementary

18. “Animal Attraction” – Jocelyn Abney – W. E. Parker Elementary

19. Our Prekinder-“garden”-Feeding Young Minds – Tina Sanderlin – Macedonia Elementary

20. Fitness for the Future – Jeanne Dismer – A. Brian Merry Elementary

21. Place Your Number! – Kathy Mathis – North Aiken Elementary

22. Study Island – Ann Jones, Susan Richey and Kristie Marchman – Evans Elementary

23. Bringing Forensic Science to Life in the Middle School Classroom – Elizabeth Humphrey, Jacqueline Ballard and Valerie Walker – Blackville Hilda Jr. High School

24. Bully Busters – Katrina Brooks – Gloverville Elementary

25. “S.T.E.M. Ulate Your Brain” – Debbie Vaughn – Belvedere Elementary

26. AWARE (Areas With Agriculture for a Revived Environment) – Melanie Moore Correll – Guinyard-Butler Middle