Paine College celebrates homecoming with parade

Madison Salley and her mother, LaToya Salley, named the colors as rows of classic and newer model sports cars filed past.


The Paine College Home­coming Parade on Saturday was the first parade the 3-year-old had ever attended, and she seemed to be enjoying it. She danced to the music and collected candy that she handed to her mother to keep for her.

“Her cute,” Madison said, sometimes about a young girl dancing in a step band and sometimes about a bejeweled woman in a convertible.

She waved to a woman in a white convertible who was part of the fleet of sports cars. The woman waved back and blew the child a kiss.

“She kissed her hand! Ew!” Madison squealed as she ran around.

The parade began at Dyess Park and ended at Paine College, where homecoming activities continued, including basketball games and a step show in the school’s new Health Education Activities Lear­ning Complex.

The Howard family attended the parade to support Jasamyn Howard, 10, who performed as part of Garrett Elementary School’s drill team.

Her mother, Nicole How­ard, and stepmother, Sarah Howard, filled a tote bag with candy that their two other children, Marissa Howard and Laylah Hamilton, had collected.

Sarah said Jasamyn had been looking forward to performing.

“She was excited about it,” she said.

The parade also included a performance by the T.W. Josey band, a Richmond Coun­ty fire truck, and cars carrying Augusta Commission member Marion Williams and Paine College President George C. Bradley.

Marissa Howard, 8, declared the drill team performance her favorite part, “because my sister was in it.”

Dia Alexander enjoyed the parade but was surprised to see Paine College didn’t have a band in it.

“I thought it was going to be a little bit longer,” she said.

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