Richmond County school system's executive directors get new titles



The top officials in Rich­mond County Super­in­tendent Frank Roberson’s Cabinet will remain the same. They will just go by different job titles as of Thursday.

The four executive directors will now be called assistant superintendents, a change that will bring more authority when working with principals and more clarity to the public.

“It’s a clearer, more universal understanding,” said the assis­tant superintendent for instruction, Virginia Brad­shaw, formerly the executive director of middle schools. “Before it was like, an executive director – what does that mean?”

Roberson said the title changes are part of an effort to improve collaboration among principals, Cabinet members and parents so student achievement can move forward. With the new names, Rober­son hopes parents will understand which person to go to with concerns and issues. He also said he expects more interaction between the officials and the schools under their wing.

“This is ensuring there is a system in place at each school to effectively engage parents and community agencies in supporting the educational development of children and families,” Rober­son said. “It provides the authority that’s required to support principals.”

The school board approved the changes at its monthly meeting Thursday. The moves come with no change in salaries.

Apart from the expectation of more collaboration, the job descriptions remain relatively unchanged.

Deputy Superintendent Tim Spivey will oversee high school principals now that the position of executive director of high schools will remain vacant after Lynn Warr’s Nov. 30 retirement. Missoura Ashe, the assis­tant superintendent for ele­men­tary education, and Carol Rountree, the assistant super­in­ten­dent for student ser­vices, also will play a role in overseeing high schools.

Bradshaw will play a stronger role in curriculum and instruction for grades K-12 than she did as the executive director of middle schools. The roles of Controller Gene Spires and Chief Hu­man Re­sources Officer Nor­man Hill remain unchanged.

“It’s basically a title change,” Ashe said.


• Assistant superintendents of elementary education: Missoura Ashe and Cheryl Jones

• Assistant superintendent of instruction: Virginia Bradshaw

• Assistant superintendent of student services: Carol Rountree

• Deputy superintendent: Tim Spivey

• Controller: Gene Spires

• Chief human resources officer: Norman Hill

View the new organizational chart (.pdf)