Richmond County schools look ahead to familiar, new problems

Educators say 2013 to bring new concerns



In looking ahead at issues facing Richmond County schools, educators said new challenges and old concerns will follow into 2013.

Board member Barbara Pul­liam said her first order of business at January’s board meeting is how to improve security at elementary schools.

In light of the mass shooting at a Connecticut school, Pul­liam said she wants to make sure every visitor is accounted for. When front offices get crowded, she said, some guests can go unnoticed, and she doesn’t want to take any chances.

“I’ve walked in before and they didn’t know I was there,” Pulliam said. “I’m not saying it’s any fault of theirs, but sometimes I’ve gone into a building where parents are standing there in front of the secretary and she didn’t see who walked in the door. …”

Pulliam said some familiar concerns remain, such as improving test scores and dealing with more state funding cuts.

Monique Braswell, the president of the Richmond Coun­ty Council of PTAs, said parents will want to see funding allocated for more teaching positions and fewer administrative roles.

She said that although all aspects of the budget will be scrutinized for the coming year, the classroom should still come first.

“Big restraints are going to be on the budget … but we need less administrators and more teachers,” Braswell said. “If we have someone down at the central office making $130,000, that’s two or three teacher salaries.”


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