Students react to university name compromise

“I don’t think it’s really a compromise,” said Augusta State University sophomore Taylor Boyd. “They just stuck Augusta at the end of the name, but didn’t make it official. They should completely change it to one of the names selected on the survey.”


“I think people with original issues with the name change now kind of dealt with it,” said ASU student Mitchell Toomey, 20. “Georgia Regents University, when you don’t call it GRU, is alright.”

“I think it’s a personal issue,” said Georgia Health Sciences medical student Kruti Bhausar. “I thought it was more important to have Georgia in the name than Augusta. When I’m applying for things later on, no one will know what Augusta is, but they’ll recognize Georgia. It’s mellowed down a little bit. It’s died down some, but people are still talking about it.”

“If it’s not broke, don’t fix it,” said ASU communications student Keith King. “There wasn’t nothing wrong with Augusta State University. I mean, it has a lot of history to the name.”

“I don’t think that adding Augusta to the end of ‘GRU’ is a compromise,” said ASU sophomore Aaliya White. “A compromise would be getting rid of the ‘Regents.’”

– Compiled by Staff Writer Tracey McManus

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