'Save The A' signs line road in front of GHSU president's house

Dozens of "Save the A" signs were placed in front of the house of Dr. Ricardo Azziz, Georgia Health Sciences University's president, Tuesday morning.

Dozens of “Save the A” signs were placed in front of the house of Dr. Ricardo Azziz, Georgia Health Sciences University’s president, Tuesday morning.


The signs were placed in the public right-of-way between the sidewalk and street on Milledge Road, where the university president’s house is.

Christen Carter, a GHSU spokeswoman, said Azziz left his house shortly after 6 a.m. and returned an hour later to find the signs. He called GHSU public safety, and the signs were immediately removed, she said.

Save the A is a campaign by a group pushing to replace Georgia Regents Uni­ver­sity with University of Au­gusta as the name for the consolidated Augusta State and Georgia Health Sciences universities.

Carter said it is unclear who has jurisdiction over the front of the property — Richmond County or the university since it is a state-owned property. The university previously performed maintenance work in the sidewalk area so the school’s public safety removed the signs, she said.

Carter said the university did not pursue whether charges could be made against those who put up the signs.

Removing the signs was also keeping with GHSU policy that says no political campaign or advertising signs may be placed on campus or any of the university’s state properties, she said.

“We won’t press any charges and did take the signs down in keeping with policies for all of our state properties,” Carter said.

Azziz will not issue an official comment on the incident, Carter said.

Calls to a Save the A spokesman were not returned Tuesday.

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