Georgia SAT scores rise, South Carolina's fall

SAT college-entrance exam scores of Georgia high school seniors jumped seven points, a report released today shows. South Carolina’s graduating seniors, however, posted lower scores for the fourth consecutive year.


The College Board’s 2012 SAT report released this morning puts the Georgia average score at 1,452, which still lags behind the national average of 1,498. The average score marked the end of Georgia’s five-year slide in scores, however.

The report shows the state’s rate of participation in the test increased by 1 percentage point to 81 percent, well above the national rate of 31 percent. That gives Georgia the seventh-highest participation rate nationwide.

The scoring gap between the state’s black and white students was 270 points, down from 272 last year. Black and Hispanic students in Georgia outperformed those subgroups nationally.

South Carolina reported more students than ever taking college-level Advanced Placement courses. Participation in after-course tests for those classes increased by more than double the national rate.

The average composite score for South Carolina’s Class of 2012 on the SAT’s math, critical reading and writing portions was 1,431. That’s five points below last year and 23 points below 2007-08.

Nearly 22,000 AP tests received scores high enough to earn college credit. That’s up by more than 10 percent from 2011. The number of tests taken increased by 14 percent.



Fri, 01/19/2018 - 21:23

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