Augusta State officials optimistic on annual campaign

 Though officials are optimistic about the annual fundraiser for Augusta State University, giving among faculty members and staffers has not yet met the goal.


Athletic Director Clint Bryant sent out an e-mail declaring “overtime, extra innings” in the on-campus portion of the A Day for Augusta State University campaign by extending it for a week to Sept. 7.

“I need the additional time to gather some funds that will allow us to meet our on campus goal of $150,000,” Bryant wrote, and the campaign is more than $25,000 short. He also asked those who had already given to consider giving more.

“My wife, Trish, and I are giving an additional $500 to the campaign, and I hope that some of you will join us in this worthwhile cause that allows our students to excel in so many ways,” he wrote.

David Alalof shares the frustration over the new name for the consolidated university created out of ASU and Georgia Health Sciences University; he just doesn’t want anger over the Georgia Regents University name to end up harming ASU.

Alalof, the chairman of the off-campus fundraising part of the campaign that will launch next week, said he is trying to steer people back into giving.

“A lot of people are upset with the name – this stupid name that I am not in favor of – and some people are taking their frustration out with not giving any money to the university,” he said. “I reached out to a lot of people and said, ‘Hey, why are you punishing the university because of what the (University System of Georgia Board of) Regents have done?’

“In the beginning, I had a lot of people tell me they weren’t going to give, but I’ve been able to change most people’s minds, even though I haven’t really officially started the off-campus campaign.”

In fact, Alalof said he received a call this week from someone pledging $20,000 to the campaign. With calls like that, “We’ll have no trouble reaching our goal” of $555,000, he said. He concedes some people will want to withhold their contribution over the new name but says he is determined to overcome that resistance.

Even with the extension of the on-campus campaign, “I still feel very good about it,” Alalof said.

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