Glenn Hills Middle student suspended by tribunal

A Glenn Hills Middle School student was suspended until he completes middle school for stepping behind a teacher who was bending over her computer keyboard and rubbing against her “in a sexual and inappropriate manner,” according to a Richmond County School System tribunal finding recently made public.


The student was given the option of attending the Tubman Education Center Alternative Program in lieu of long-term suspension.

The following findings are from April 10 and March 28 tribunal hearings. Students were given the option of attending the alternative program in lieu of long-term suspension unless otherwise noted:

-A Cross Creek High School student was in possession of a pill bottle filled with marijuana and admitted he intended to distribute the drug. The student, a senior on track to graduate, was suspended for the rest of the school year or the remainder of his high school career until he graduates.

-A Sego Middle School student wrote lyrics of a threatening nature with derogatory words and dedicated them to her teacher. The student was suspended for the rest of the school year.

-A Murphey Middle School student physically attacked three female students after being counseled not to fight. The male was suspended for the remainder of the school year.



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