Richmond County school board pushes for district reaccreditation



The Richmond County Board of Education pushed forward Tuesday to renew the district’s accreditation.

A team of administrators has been planning the accreditation process since January, preparing to apply for accreditation that expires in June 2013.

The board’s Student Services Committee appointed Helen Minchew on Tuesday as the board’s representative to be a part of the planning and development team.

Internal Strategic Plan Facilitator Joslyn Fields said members will meet several times a month to develop strategy to meet five standards required for accreditation: purpose and direction, governance and leadership, teaching and accessing for learning, resources and support systems, and using results for continuous improvement.

Superintendent Frank Roberson, who returned in January on a part-time schedule after recovering from brain surgery for an abnormal clustering of blood vessels, is a member of the governance and leadership standards team.

Fields said Roberson has attended meetings and planning sessions with administrators.

“We are expecting his full participation as best he can with being involved in the work,” Fields said.

Richmond County Accreditation Process co-chairwoman Missoura Ashe said district accreditation is vital, especially for the quality of education for students and reputation of school systems.

The five-year accreditation helps students gain access to loans and scholarships for college, makes districts raise student performance and eases the transfer of student credits between schools.


• The Finance Committee voted to table discussion about privatizing the transportation department until the board retreat planned for March.

• The Student Services Committee approved an after-school Police Explorer program for high school students through the Department of School Safety and Security.

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