More tuberculosis testing will be conducted at Butler High School

A new round of tuberculosis testing will be conducted next week at Butler High School.


Officials from the East Cen­tral Health District are returning to test all students, teachers and staffers, according to a news release.

Because it can take three months to develop a positive skin test, those who returned a negative skin test during the initial screening in November should get a second test.

Students and staffers not tested during the first round should be tested next week, the health department said.

An initial tuberculosis screening was done in November after a patient showed signs of the illness in October. The health department tested 500 people who could have been exposed.

Three students were diagnosed with tuberculosis and treated, according to test results announced in December. An additional 75 tested positive for TB bacteria, but that is not a guarantee of developing the disease.

“Everyone that needs to be treated is being treated,” said Tammy Burdeaux, the district’s nursing and clinical director.

The department will administer tests from 9 a.m. to noon Tuesday and Wednesday in the Butler High gymnasium. All those receiving the test must return to the gym to have the test read two days later, from 9 a.m. to noon Thursday and Friday.

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