Both sides to debate charter school amendment at PTA forum

Voters will have a chance Thursday to learn more about a state charter school constitutional amendment when representatives from both sides of the issue debate at a Richmond County Council of PTAs forum.


The amendment, on the ballot Nov. 6, would allow the state to establish charter schools in cities without the consent of local school boards.

Proponents argue that the amendment will provide more options for families in places where traditional public schools are struggling. Opponents say the amendment will take control away from local boards and use public money without taxpayer approval.

Monique Braswell, the president of the PTAs council, said it is important for the community to hear facts from both sides before voting.

“There’s talk about parent choice, parent options, and with all of that talk I just thought it was the right thing for parents to hear both sides and make their own decisions,” Braswell said. “We are not just a group of people dictating one side.”

The Georgia PTA and the local chapters have come out against the amendment.

Scheduled to speak in support of the amendment are Mark Peevy, the executive director for Families for Better Public Schools, and Dave Barbee, a longtime area GOP official.

Tonia Mason, Lucy C. Laney Com­pre­hensive High School’s principal; state Rep. Quincy Murphey; and Karen Hallen­cy, the legislative chairwoman of the Georgia PTA, will speak against the amendment.

“This forum will be very clear on what this amendment means to our children,” Braswell said.

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