School board sued over claims against former Glenn Hills principal

Two educators have filed separate lawsuits against the Richmond County Board of Education alleging the board failed to stop or correct what they contend was abuse and harassment by Wayne Frazier, a former principal at Glenn Hills High School.


The Richmond County Superior Court lawsuits were filed Friday by Linda Lewis and Gale Levon Bell.

Superintendent Frank Roberson did not returned a call seeking comment late Wednesday.

According to Lewis’ suit, she worked at Glenn Hills from 1999 until June and her last position was naval science instructor. According to Bell’s lawsuit, she has been a dropout prevention specialist at Glenn Hills since 2010.

Although the two women filed separate lawsuits, the claims mirror each other. Both contend the school became an unbearable, hostile workplace because of Frazier, especially after a survey of staff found a 71 percent disapproval rate on his leadership.

The lawsuits allege that Frazier would yell and curse at staff and students in person and over the school’s intercom system, and make inappropriate racial and sexual comments to staff and students.

Lewis contends the work stress and mental anguish forced her to resign last year and that it is the cause of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Bell’s suit contends the hostility got worse after she administered the survey critical of Frazier. The lawsuit states Bell had to administer the survey for the school to get a School Improvement Grant.

The grants are awarded to improve schools that rank in the bottom 5 percent in the country.

Frazier is now principal of the system’s alternative school, Tubman Education Center. In a July 27 story in The Augusta Chronicle on Frazier’s transfer, Roberson said at least 12 teachers, mostly in the math department, left the school because of the environment Frazier created.

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