Richmond County teacher accused of abusing pupils taking position in Korea



A Richmond County school teacher who was placed on administrative leave amid allegations that she grabbed a child by the neck and forced other pupils to stay in a dark bathroom is taking a teaching position in South Korea.

The federal lawsuit against Kayrie Washington-Cargill and the Richmond County school board will remain unaffected, said attorney Kevin Little, who represents Dorothea and Simon Goudeau, the plaintiffs and parents of one of the victims.

“That’s our expectation at the moment,” Little said.

Cargill’s attorney, Robert Gunn, confirmed Tuesday that Cargill was leaving the country, but declined further comment.

Cargill’s ex-husband, Corey Washington, said by e-mail that Cargill was hired as an English conversation instructor at Dongshin University, about three hours south of Seoul, South Korea. Her duties would be to teach English to university, middle school and elementary students, Washington said. He said she leaves the country Wednesday.

The lawsuit filed in December draws on an independent investigation by the school district, which found that Cargill grabbed a fourth-grader at Tobacco Road Elementary School by the neck when she couldn’t answer a math problem.

Other allegations enumerated by the investigation and repeated in the lawsuit include forgetting a child standing in the corner as punishment; causing a pupil to wet his pants when he wasn’t allowed in the bathroom; and forcing a child to eat dried mucus from her nose.

The fourth-grader named as a victim in the lawsuit was allowed to sometimes stay home and go home early from school “due to her fear and anxiety about having to see Cargill each day,” the suit states.


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