'Rape gang' at Lakeside Middle School punished



A group of Lakeside Middle School pupils calling themselves “The Charlie Rape Gang” were punished last week for simulating sex acts with unwilling classmates.

Though Principal Felicia Turner spent much of Tuesday fielding phone calls and visits from concerned parents, she said she hoped to send a letter to parents explaining the situation.

A teacher overheard some pupils on Feb. 14 in class discussing something with the initials CRG and reported it to the office, Turner said.

“We began calling kids in and asking some questions,” she said. “We found out five boys were playing a game called The Charlie Rape Gang.”

After meeting with the boys’ parents on Feb. 15, the pupils were suspended for the remainder of the week.

“The parents were very upset with their kids; every single one of them,” Turner said. “They were very apologetic for their kids and assured me it would never happen again.”

The acts, Turner said, consisted of the boys sneaking up on classmates and “dry humping” them.

Victims interviewed by school officials said they didn’t report the incidents because they told the boys to stop and they complied.

Turner said the boys communicated their acts on Facebook and got the idea from someone saying the same kinds of gangs existed in South Carolina schools.

“To the best of our knowledge, this all started on (Feb. 10), and we found out about it (Feb. 14),” Turner said.

Columbia County sheriff’s deputies investigated the incidents, but no charges have been filed, Capt. Steve Morris said.

Letter to Lakeside parents


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