Cross Creek High School student pulls down girl's blouse



A Cross Creek High School student pulled down a female student’s blouse, exposing her chest, and touched it, according to a recently released Richmond County tribunal finding.

The male student bragged about the Dec. 15 incident to other students. He was suspended for the rest of the school year, with the option to attend the Tubman Education Center Alternative Program, by a Jan. 17 tribunal panel.

In the following tribunal findings, students were given the option to attend the alternative program in lieu of long-term suspension unless otherwise noted:

• A George P. Butler High School student was charged with breaking and entering and stealing items. The tribunal determined this met the requirements of Rule 32 of the Code of Student Conduct and Discipline, which applies to students who are charged with a serious criminal offense and whose immediate return to school could disrupt the educational process. The student, identified by the initials N.V., was assigned to the alternative program until the final disposition of the criminal matter, at which time a tribunal will be held to determine the student’s placement.

• Two Glenn Hills High School students refused to come out of the restroom Jan. 5. They were assigned to in-school suspension, but they left and went back to the restroom. They were suspended out of school, but came onto campus the next day. They were suspended for the rest of the school year and for the first semester of the 2012-13 school year.

• A Glenn Hills High student was on campus Jan. 5, even though she had been suspended. She was suspended for the rest of the school year.

• An Academy of Richmond County student was seen off campus Jan. 6. He was given permission to walk home, but he came back onto campus and tried to catch the school bus. He was suspended for the rest of the school year and the first semester of 2012-13.

• A Spirit Creek Middle School pupil refused to go to in-school suspension Jan. 6 and became so combative, she had to be restrained by the school safety and security officer. She told the officer that when she came back to school, she would hit and shoot the officer. The pupil was suspended for the rest of the school year.




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