Greenbrier High School student indicted in conspiracy to kidnap, kill classmate


A Greenbrier High School student was indicted for conspiring with another to kidnap and kill a classmate.

A Columbia County grand jury indicted Christian Reed Adams Annis, 17, of McDuffie County, on conspiracy to commit murder, according to court documents released Thursday.

When he was arrested Oct. 28, Annis told deputies that his 15-year-old girlfriend asked him to help kill another student. Another Greenbrier student enlisted in the plot informed school officials, who called police.

The Evans 15-year-old was charged with criminal solicitation for planning and enlisting help with the plot. She is being held at the Regional Youth Detention Center in Sandersville, Ga.

Annis was released from the Columbia County Detention Center in October after posting a $5,100 bond.



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