Deputy cleared of any charges after investigation into stun-gun incident



The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office said a deputy will not be criminally charged after a child tased another child in the eye with the Taser.

Kevin Butler has been disciplined for police violation of “duty to care of county property,” but an investigation revealed there was not enough evidence to charge him, a sheriff’s office news release stated.

Police said Butler left his duty weapon in the top of a closet and his department-issued Taser on the bed after changing out of his uniform at a friend’s home on June 30.

Butler was not at the home when a child entered the bedroom, removed the Taser from his belt and discharged it, striking another child in the eye.

District Attorney Ashley Wright said the children had been told to stay out of the room and they were not left in the home without appropriate and adequate adult supervision.

Wright stated in a letter to the sheriff’s office that the case did not fit the definition of a crime or criminal negligence.

“There is nothing in the facts revealed by the investigation which would reveal that Deputy Butler or any of the other adults had any intention of committing an act which would violate Georgia law,” Wright said.


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