Atlanta woman charged with DUI, driving more than 100 mph

Sheree Federico of Atlanta was arrested for driving over 100 mph while under the influence of alcohol according to police reports.



An Atlanta woman is facing charges after deputies clocked her traveling more than 100 mph and under the influence.

A deputy was working traffic detail near the Bobby Jones Expressway exit on Interstate 20 when he saw Sheree Federico’s 2011 Mercedes Benz SLK 300 traveling at 105 miles per hour.

Federico, 54, was charged with DUI alcohol content 0.08 or more and speeding in excess of 34 mph over limit.

Through Sunday Federico was the only driving under the influence arrest during the Memorial Day weekend traffic enforcement effort. Police also issued 72 citations and 14 warnings. More than 60 of the citations were issued for speeding.

Holiday traffic enforcement statistics for the remainder of the weekend have yet to be processed.