Mom arrested after beating daughter



A mother is facing charges after police said she hit her daughter with an extension cord and then made her wear a sweater to hide the injuries.

Police were called to A. Brian Merry Elementary School on Tuesday afternoon after a teacher saw welts on the 7-year-old student’s body. The teacher told police the child complained of being hot but refused to remove her sweater because she would “get in trouble.”

According to an incident report, the teacher insisted the child remove the sweater and then discovered welts on the child’s arms. More welts were on her back and legs.

The child told her teacher that her mother, Roberta Sanders Brewer, 28, whipped her with an extension cord Monday because she wasn’t crying from being beaten with a belt, the report stated. The victim also stated Brewer threatened to kill the child if she told anybody.

Brewer was booked into the Richmond County jail on charges of first-degree child cruelty.


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