Augusta woman victim in money card scam

 An Augusta woman fell victim to a money card scam Tuesday.


Latray Iquil Bailey, 22, claims she was scammed out of money from unknown suspects stating they were from the Attorney General’s Office, according to a report from the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office.

Bailey stated the suspects knew all her information and said they were trying to collect money she owed them, the report said.

Bailey said the suspects told her if she paid $1000 they would not arrest her. While on the phone with the suspects, a number Bailey suspected to be police called Bailey’s phone. One suspect advised her not to answer and he would disregard the police as soon as she paid, the report said.

Bailey went to Walgreens and CVS and purchased two Green Dot cards, then transferred the money, according to the report.


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Sat, 08/19/2017 - 01:11

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