Man swings at deputy, falls into cruiser


A man found with drugs in his possession was injured Monday night when he fell face-first into a police cruiser while trying to strike an officer, police said.

Richmond County sher­iff’s Deputy Jacob Dorn was conducting a business check at Augusta Mart, 1713 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., about 11 p.m. Monday when he saw Donavan Tikare Geiger, 26, of Johnson Avenue, suddenly change directions to avoid him, according to reports.

Dorn patted down the suspect after he saw a bulge in his pocket and found cash and 4.5 grams of crack cocaine, the report said. Geiger tried to run but Dorn grabbed his coat and stopped him.

Geiger then tried to punch the deputy with his fist but lost his footing in the mud and fell, striking his face on the passenger side of the police cruiser, the report said. The impact left a large dent in the passenger door, the report said.

After being treated for injuries at the scene, Geiger was booked into the Richmond County jail on charges of obstruction of a law enforcement officer, possession of cocaine with intent to distribute and interference with government property. He also had an active state bench warrant.