Richmond County police investigate Sunday robberies

Police are investigating two incidents in which four men in a gold-colored car robbed or tried to rob people overnight Sunday.


A Henry Street couple called police about 10:45 p.m. after the men, dressed in black with bandanas over their faces, approached them near their home.

Henry Bagby, 39, told police he was standing with his wife when the car pulled up and the four men hopped out. Bagby told his wife to run as one of the men grabbed his jacket and tried to push him. The victim pushed back until the assailant got back into the car, which drove away toward Fleming Avenue.

About 12:20 a.m. police received a similar call; that time, the people in the car were armed with metal pipes.

According to a report, 19-year-old Lorenzo Peart was walking down Starnes Street when four men jumped from the vehicle and hit him. They then fled with the victim’s wallet, a computer tablet and a set of headphones.

Peart told police he ran to Circle K on Walton Way to call for help.

Police found the victim’s left earlobe split and bleeding heavily. He was also bleeding from the mouth and appeared to be missing several teeth. There were more cuts to his arm and shoulder.


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