Harlem to resume issuing speeding tickets



Less than a month after the city of Harlem lost its license to use radar equipment to catch speeders, the Georgia Department of Public Safety has given the city the green light to continue issuing citations.

“We will begin to issue citations off speed detection devices on probably Wednesday of this week,” said Harlem Department of Public Safety Chief Gary Jones.

In a statement issued last month, Jones announced that the agency’s radar calibration certification with the Georgia Department of Public Safety had expired Feb. 7. Jones was working to set up the department’s annual radar calibration certification renewal when he discovered the mistake.

According to the statement, police departments are required by law to submit an annual radar calibration report to the Georgia Department of Public Safety to retain its license. Units are tested by an outside vendor, which then submits a certificate of accuracy to the state agency.

As a result, the city’s license to use radar equipment was suspended until it was reinstated last week. Jones said he required his officers to take remedial courses before the department began using the equipment.

“I wanted to make sure my officers went through an online refresher course just as something I have mandated, and they have all been completed with the exception of one officer,” Jones said.

During the 10-month period that the equipment was not certified, the department issued about 85 speeding tickets, according to the statement.

Jones met with Harlem Mayor Bobby Culpepper and City Manager Jason Rizner after learning about the oversight, and the trio agreed to offer full refunds to motorists who received tickets from February to November of last year.

“We’re working diligently to work with those parties who were issued citations,” Jones said Monday. “As a matter of fact, the letters went out today and we are waiting to hear a response from those individuals. We’ll cut the checks from there.”

City of Harlem to refund speeding fines


Fri, 01/19/2018 - 21:23

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