12 arrested after undercover prostitution operation

The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office announced Friday that it has arrested a dozen people after a weeklong undercover operation involving online prostitution.

According to a statement from the sheriff’s office, Candice Ben­­jamin, 22; Gordon Marshall, 34; Gerell Browning, 46; Glenn Figgures, 38; Taylor R. Brown, 19; Diamond Gardner, 22; Jaleesa A. Smith, 22; Rebecca A. Moses, 37; Colby Johnson, 30; Ping H. Tang, 42; and Myeongsuk Yang, 48, have been charged with disorderly conduct prostitution.

Police have also arrested Carl Maloyd, 30, on outstanding felony warrants.

According to the statement, the suspects were apprehended in different areas throughout Richmond County. Since the investigation is ongoing, police are not identifying the arrest locations.