Augusta man charged in Bistro 491 robbery

Police have arrested an Augusta man who is accused of robbing the owner of Bistro 491 Friday.


Melvin Eugene Jackson, 33, of Aiken Street, was charged with felony counts of armed robbery and possession of a weapon during the commission of a crime Monday in connection with the incident.

The restaurant owner, Henry Colley, 63, said he was in his office late Friday when a man in all black clothing and a ski mask came in through a back door and put a handgun to the side of his head, according to a Richmond County sheriff’s report.

After Colley told the gunman that he didn’t have any money, the man frisked him and took a few dollars out of Colley’s pockets.

The man struck Colley in the head with the gun and dropped it. After picking the gun up, he threatened to kill Colley if he refused to open the restaurant’s safe.

Colley opened the safe and handed over two money bags, which the gunman stuffed into his pockets before walking out the back door.

Bistro 491 owner robbed at gunpoint