Prison cadet faces inmate drug charges



A 24-year-old cadet at Augusta State Medical Prison has been charged after authorities said they discovered she was trying to supply inmates with methamphetamine and marijuana. According to a news release, Lucretia Nicole Davis was in the control room with another cadet and an officer on Thursday when the officer noticed an item on the floor.

Davis picked up the item and threw it into the garbage, saying it was a roach. The officer became suspicious, however. Investigators were called in, the release stated, and a field test found evidence of methamphetamine.

Authorities also found 109.9 grams of marijuana in the control room and 168.4 grams in Davis’ vehicle, the release stated. Officers also found three cellphones and 22 letters to inmates.

Davis was booked into the Richmond County jail Friday on charges of possession of methamphetamine, possession of marijuana, trafficking methamphetamine and trading with convicts without permission.


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