Firearms, electronics stolen from Hephzibah home

Police say two men stole more than $800 worth of electronics and a small weapons arsenal from a Hephzibah home Friday.

About 10:40 a.m., Richmond County sheriff’s deputies were called to the 1800 block of Hephzibah-McBean Road, where a witness, Lori Williams, of Hephzibah, said she was driving past the home and noticed a gray Nissan Altima backed up to the front door, according to an incident report.

Willams called the homeowner, Benita Dillard, 58. Dillard said the car shouldn’t be there, and when Willams began to call 911, two black men came out of the house and drove away toward Peach Orchard Road, according to the report.

The burglars had forced their way into the house through a side door and ransacked the residence. In addition to electronics, the suspects stole a .50-caliber muzzleloader rifle, a loaded .40-caliber handgun, a Bushmaster AR-15 with a 31-round magazine and a Benelli 12-gauge shotgun. The guns are valued at more than $3,200, according to the report.

The suspects were described as about 6 feet tall and wearing all-gray clothes.



Mon, 12/11/2017 - 22:42

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