Children go trick-or-treating at Richmond County Sheriff's Office

Superheroes, vampires, princesses and ninja turtles on Thursday got an inside look at the cobweb-covered walls of the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office for Halloween.


Lines of costumed young children made their way through the halls during the day getting their buckets filled with candy by costumed sheriff’s office employees.

It wasn’t your average tour, either. Each office was specially decorated for Halloween with cobwebs, spiders, cackling Halloween spooks, black lights and other decorations.

At one stop on the tour, Sheriff Richard Roundtree, who was dressed as an Old West sheriff, handed out junior deputy badges to all the children.

Lt. Lewis Blanchard said the day was an employee morale booster and further strengthened the relationship between children and law enforcement.

It started out with an idea to give the children a tour, but the plans got bigger as more sections got in on the action, adding in candy, costumes and decorations.

“Sometimes it’s good for the employees, especially when we usually deal with negativity,” Blanchard said.



Thu, 11/23/2017 - 17:28

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