Exchange Club honors public safety efforts

Richmond County marshal’s Sgt. Scott Reese smiled as he was presented an award for his actions, but he said his whole department – not just one person – deserved the award.


Reese jumped to aid a fellow employee who collapsed from dehydration. His efforts brought him to an award ceremony Tuesday hosted by the Exchange Club of South Augusta.

People from the sheriff’s office and fire department were also chosen to receive the honor at the afternoon luncheon at T’s Restaurant on Mike Padgett Highway.

“We all like to think we’d react the same way, but the truth is we wouldn’t,” said marshal’s Lt. Terry Norman, who presented the award to Reese.

To the three men who were presented with plaques, their actions were just part of their duty, but to the Exchange Club it was a service to the community and a job that should be acknowledged.

“Not one of you are doing it for the money,” said Chuck Stevens, the immediate past president of the club. “You’re doing it because you love it. We wish we had the budget to (award) everyone. They all deserve it.”

The south Augusta group has been honoring one member of each public safety group for more than 10 years.

Lt. Nicolas Wright, of the fire department, received the award for his actions at a house fire on Jordan Road in April. Wright said he led a search crew into the home, and they were able to successfully pull out a small child.

Chief Sterling Jones, who presented the award, said Wright’s name was the first one he thought of when the fire department began considering a choice for the award.

Likewise, Sgt. Kenneth McCormick said Deputy Bryan Mealing was an obvious choice for the sheriff’s office award.

After attending a training class several weeks ago, Mealing has made several drug arrests and has also worked two armed robberies in the past month and a half.

McCormick said if there is ever a problem on the night shift, he sees to it that Mealing gets to the scene.

“I can’t say enough about this man,” McCormick said.



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