Stabbing at downtown Augusta bar brings prison term for Patrick Dechant

A knife-wielding encounter with three much larger men ended badly for a young Martinez man and cost him three years in prison.


On Monday in Richmond County Superior Court, Judge J. Wade Padgett told Patrick R. Dechant he was lucky to have had a good lawyer and forgiving victims. It could been much worse for the 21-year-old, the judge said.

Padgett sentenced Dechant to three years in prison followed by seven years on probation under the First Offender Act. As a condition of probation, he will be responsible for about $7,000 in medical bills for two of the men he accosted. A third victim’s injury didn’t require medical treatment.

On Oct. 4 at the Loft on Broad Street, Dechant tried to enter the bar with someone else’s identification, said Assistant District Attorney Adam Land. Dechant was turned away, but he returned later, extremely intoxicated and armed with a knife.

Colton O’Brien and Steven Weeks were cut seriously enough that they required hospitalization, Land said.

Dechant’s attorney, Muki Patel, said Dechant got the worse of it that night with a broken eye socket and broken nose. He has seizures because of the injuries, she said. Dechant is taking responsibility for his actions, which were fueled by bad judgment and alcohol, Patel said.

The plea agreement reduced the charges against Dechant to aggravated assault. The negotiation called for a three-year cap on any prison time.



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