Homeless man arrested over bomb threats


A hospitalized homeless man was charged after he made threats to bomb several buildings and Sheriff Richard Roundtree, authorities reported.


According to a Richmond County Sheriff’s Office report, Robert Allen Marchman, 60, was being treated at Doctors Hos­pital about 10 a.m. Friday when he told several nurses how to make a bomb and where he would put them.

The report stated Marchman made threats to “blow up the hospital, an unknown bus station, a Circle K gas station on Walton Way and also to blow up Sheriff Roundtree.”

While officers secured the hospital room, they discovered two bags of marijuana, one of which was in plain sight on a table.

March­man told investigators he did not like the government or police. He said he was in a wheelchair because he was shot by a Richmond County sheriff’s deputy. He also said he had been making bombs since second grade.

According to The Augusta Chronicle archives, Marchman was seriously injured after being shot by Deputy William Adams in March 1997 at Rich­mond Hill Road and Steffan Way. Police said Marchman pulled a pistol and threatened to kill deputies after he was ordered from his vehicle. Adams shot Marchman in the left shoulder. He was later cleared of wrongdoing.

Marchman was arrested again in August 2001 after he reportedly threatened to blow up the Medical College of Georgia while being treated in the emergency room.

He faces charges of terroristic acts and threats and misdemeanor possession of marijuana for his most recent arrest.



Thu, 08/17/2017 - 23:54

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