2 gunmen rob Augusta man in home invasion

A 51-year-old Augusta man said two men kicked open his door, stole $3,500 and made him stay in the attic while they fled.


According to a police report, the resident was at his home in the 3400 block of Peach Orchard Road when two armed men in dark clothing and gloves kicked opened the door just before midnight Wednesday.

He told authorities one man pistol-whipped him and forced him to the ground while asking him where “the money” was. The report stated that the intruders ransacked his home before going into the attic with the resident to continue to search for money.

After finding thousands of dollars on the resident, the men instructed him to stay in the attic.

The victim later caught up with the suspects’ vehicle and chased it at high speed into Columbia County, where he lost sight of it, the police report stated.