10 guns stolen from Augusta business

An Augusta man told police Sunday that someone has stolen 10 guns from the back office of his business.


About noon, Richmond County deputies were called to 1830 Wylds Road, where Abia Williams told them that he found James Brim, of Arrow Wood Circle, in the back office of Williams’ business, a incident report said.

When Williams asked Brim what he was doing there, Brim left without saying anything. Williams checked his safe and found that 10 guns and $1,000 in cash were missing.

Police say two .45-caliber pistols, a 5.7x28mm pistol loaded with armor piercing rounds, two .380-caliber pistols, a .270-caliber rifle and a .450-caliber rifle were stolen.

Williams told police that he confronted Brim after church, and Brim confessed to picking the rear door of the business. Brim told Williams that he stole the guns June 16, the report said.

However, Williams said the guns were stolen between June 19 and Sunday. Police could not locate Brim at the time of the report.



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