5 probationers accused of ankle monitor theft

Five residents who were under house arrest while serving a probation sentence in Richmond County are wanted on charges of felony theft, accused of stealing ankle monitors and transmitters.

Katherine Chambers, a probation officer at Sentinel Offender Services, filed a report with the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday that said the company had been unable to retrieve the tracking equipment, despite several attempts to reach the men and women by phone and mail.

The complaint named Bobby James Murray, 50, of Aiken, and Andre Pittman, 35, Roderick Williams, 25, Brittany Wright, 25, and Benjamin Pryor, 19, all of Augusta.

Chambers told sheriff’s deputies that each of the five probationers had signed an agreement that stated they would be charged with felony theft if ankle monitors and transmitters, priced at $1,650 per set, were not returned.



Mon, 10/23/2017 - 18:35

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