Woman testifies about escape from kidnapper

Ashley Nay tried to get the attention of another customer at the gas station, mouthing the word “help,” but her kidnapper told her: “Think again.” She turned to see Leonard Sapp holding a knife to the throat of her 2-year-old daughter, Nay testified Wednesday.


“After that, I just did what he said,” Nay testified.

Sapp, 44, has pleaded not guilty to charges including kidnapping and criminal attempt to commit rape. His trial in Richmond County Superior Court continues today.

She told the jury Wednesday that she had stopped for gas and a treat for her daughter at the BP station on 15th Street before heading home about 10 p.m. on Sept. 26. After going inside the store and paying for the purchases, Nay was putting her daughter back in her car seat when she noticed someone coming up behind her.

“I turned around and he had a knife. He told me to get in the car,” she said.

Sapp instructed her where to go and where to turn, Nay testified. She had never been in the Harrisburg neighborhood before that night. Somewhere along the way, Nay testified, Sapp put his hand on her crotch and told her: “I’m going to get me some tonight.”

On Hicks Street, Nay testified, she saw a car pull into a driveway and pulled right in behind it, yelling for help and for someone to rescue her baby. Sapp punched her in the face and continued to hit her as the woman in the other car came to the truck and pulled Nay’s daughter loose.

“Once the baby was out I started to fight,” said the 109-pound Nay. Sapp was trying to get the truck moving and she was fighting to get out of it, she testified.

Iguana Mills said she wasn’t sure what was going on when she first pulled into her driveway. But then she saw the man in the truck hitting the female driver. Mills testified she told him to stop hitting Nay and he responded she needed to stay out of it, that this was his girlfriend. When she continued to protest, the man told her
to take the baby and get away.

Mills got the baby loose and handed her off to her own daughter, she testified. The woman was still struggling and asking for help. She said the man intended to rape her. As Nay fought to break free, Mills grabbed hold of an arm and pulled her out.

“I was just trying to do what I could to help her,” Mills testified.

Sapp took off in Nay’s truck but didn’t get far before crashing into a neighbor’s car. Two other good Samaritans held Sapp until deputies arrived.

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