Augusta woman stops would-be car thief

An Augusta woman opened her apartment door Sunday morning to find a man trying to steal her car and later tried to track him down.

Sharita Cannon told the Rich­mond County Sheriff’s Office that she confronted the man as he tried to steal her 1997 Honda Accord from The Creeks apartment complex on Belmont Avenue around 3:30 a.m., a police report said.

Cannon said the man told her and her boyfriend to “get back” when they approached. She said her boyfriend saw the man get into a Chrysler PT Cruiser that left with a black Honda Civic and recorded the license numbers. When deputies ran the numbers, they didn’t match the vehicles.

Cannon said she recalled seeing the Chrysler at Cedar Grove Apartments on West Richmond Hill Road, the report said. When she and her boyfriend went there, Can­non said, she saw the Chrys­ler and the Honda exiting. They tried to follow the cars while on the phone with the sheriff’s office but lost sight of the vehicles around 15th Street.

Deputies responded to two other attempted vehicle thefts nearby Sunday, one in the 500 block of West Rich­mond Hill Road and the other in the 2400 block of Aca­pulco Drive. The cases are not said to be related at this time.



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