Mother of dead infant makes guilty plea




An Augusta woman whose infant died in the family’s filthy, roach-infested home pleaded guilty to child abuse charges Thursday in Rich­mond County Superior Court. She was sentenced to four years in prison.

Aileen Wright, 27, has been in jail since April 15, 2012, when her 5-month-old son died and emergency workers found the deplorable conditions in a rented trailer at Pine View trailer park on Gor­don Highway.

According to the medical examiner, there was no evidence suggesting the infant had been injured or suffered any disease, District Attorney Hank Syms said.

Nicholas Womack Jr. was well-nourished and in the medical examiner’s opinion death was likely caused by sudden infant death syndrome, Syms said.

Wright and Nicholas Wo­mack Sr., 25, were charged with five counts of cruelty to children because of the state of the trailer and the condition of the infant’s body. The baby was covered in roach bites, Syms said. The bites were inflicted after death, according to the medical examiner.

Wright and Womack had recently moved into the trailer with the infant and Wright’s other children, ages 6, 5, 3 and 1.

Defense attorney William Mar­cum said that the couple tried to get the landlord to fix conditions in the trailer, which lacked water in the kitchen and had sewage backing up into the sink but that he refused. The roach problem was already there when they moved in, Wright said.

“We had nowhere else to go. We just took it,” she said.
Judge Sheryl B. Jolly imposed the same sentence on Wright that she gave Womack, who pleaded guilty in March: four years followed by six years on probation. They were sentenced under the First Offender Act.

Attending parenting classes and following reunification plans set by the Depart­ment of Family and Children Services are required during probation.

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aileen wright More than 1 year ago
I want to speak out to everyone, i was broken and very vulnerable losing my mother,and my oldest  sister and being in an abusive relationship with my baby daddy. i look back on what i went though and and still keeping the truth in about how he stole my food stamp card and put food in another woman's house how he kicked my door in and got me and my kids kicked out of our home left us to sleep in the car until i was so scared and weak that i ran back to him we moved into this old   trailer yes there was food in the house but not a lot and that is because he jumped on me and took it so he could sell some to buy his weed and that is what i had left on the card when he came back, i know what everyone is thinking why didn't i call the cops.... more then one time they told me one of use can leave the house and that was it. i called churches for help and was on the waiting list for the shelter. i regret going back to him but family was not there for me and i had no one. on the news they made me out to be someone who hurt my children but if anyone who know me my kids was never neglected they always was clean,hair done,and well dressed and if i didn't eat they did. i plead guilty because of the decisions i made and i felt like it was my fault my son was gone also i just wanted it to all to go away i had no fight in me at all, but i thank God everyday for keeping me going even when i didn't think i could. now that i'm out its so hard for me to find a job and a place to live and i don't know who to turn to for help i just want to get myself together and get my kids back and im just hoping someone reads this that can reach out to me with any ideas on who can help me to get on my feet and move forward. thank you and God Bless  Aileen wright


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