Police seek to stop ticket sales along interstate

Police have encountered a new Masters badge sale issue this year: interstate scalpers.


“I have never heard of this happening before,” Richmond County sheriff’s Capt. Scott Gay said Tuesday.

Though it might have occurred, Gay said this is the first year the problem has been brought to law enforcement’s attention.

Police were called several times Tuesday morning to locations along Interstate 20 where someone was seeking tickets from passing vehicles.

Though it is not a violation of the state scalping law, it is a safety concern.

“You cannot conduct business on the side of an interstate,” Gay said. “Because of the safety issue, we will make charges at the appropriate time.”

Anyone caught will face the charge of improper stopping on a roadway, and other charges.

No interstate scalpers were caught Tuesday, but police suspect that in each case it was the same person, who moved on before officers arrived.

State law prohibits ticket resales within a 2,700-foot boundary around Augusta National Golf Club. Last year undercover officers arrested more than three dozen people accused of exchanging or soliciting Masters Tournament badges too close to the Augusta National. Only two were charged with violating the law. Others were charged with disorderly conduct.

This year, police said they would first issue warnings.

Around noon Tuesday, Gay said that police had made no scalping arrests within the boundary.

“I guess the posting of signs (within the boundary) has moved scalpers to new locations,” he said of the interstate solicitors.

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