Tasers stop Richmond County suicide attempt

Richmond County deputies discharged a taser Thursday evening and thwarted a suicide.


Deputies were issued tasers in late March after training with them for more than a month.

According to a news release, police were called to an apartment Thursday evening where a woman had threatened suicide and was armed with a gun.

Police said the woman ran into her bedroom, jumped on her bed and pointed a .22 caliber revolver to her face.

One deputy discharged his taser while two assisting deputies covered her with their duty weapons to ensure officer safety, police said. The strike by the taser resulted in the woman dropping the gun.

She was transported to Eisenhower Medical Hospital for a mental health evaluation.

Sheriff Richard Roundtree said he was “very pleased with the outcome of the situation and the immediate action taken by his deputies.”

About one-third of all deputies have been equipped with the tasers. The sheriff’s office’s goal to to equip all certified deputies with tasers as soon as possible.

Richmond deputies adding tasers
Sheriff's officials credit fewer injuries at jail to Taser use


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