Several plead not guilty at Friday hearing

Several people pleaded not guilty to criminal charges in Columbia County court Friday.


Five Grovetown teens โ€“ Anthony Blade Turner, 19; Baker Lee Brannen Cochran, 17; Larry Charles Porche, 17; Austin Tyler Love, 18; and Christopher Scott Love, 18 โ€“ pleaded not guilty to robbery, entering an auto and criminal trespass charges in connection to a Dec. 28 robbery in Grovetown. Porche also pleaded not guilty to burglary.

Authorities say the five broke into a truck at Eagle Point apartments and were chased to a laundromat by its owner, who had a gun. The owner grabbed one of the teens, and the other four then rushed him, stealing his gun and shoes and a bag of tools from his truck before fleeing, authorities say.

All five remain in jail. Chris­topher Love and Porche are being held without bond, according to jail records.

In a separate case, Grove­town resident Ashley Leigh Wood, 36, pleaded not guilty to an aggravated child molestation charge.

Wood, a babysitter for a Grove­town family that included young children and a 14-year-old boy, is accused of providing oral sex to the teen Jan. 24. The teen said Wood talked to him in a sexually explicit manner regularly and tried to sit on his lap as he played video games Jan. 24.

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