Trial begins for Augusta woman accused of having sex with 13-year-old boy

An Augusta teen testified Tuesday that he initially refused to tell his mother the truth about the woman who had sex with him when he was 13 because he didn’t want Dana Adams to get into trouble.


Adams, 33, has pleaded not guilty to charges of aggravated child molestation, child molestation, and contributing to the delinquency of minor. Her trial in Richmond County Superior Court began Monday.

The incident happened during the fall of 2011, the teen testified. During a 24-hour period he said he had sex several times with Adams at her home.

Adams often let him and his cousin hang out there, he said. She would pay him if he did a chore, and, he testified, she knew he intended to buy marijuana with the cash. The day they had sex she gave him the money and drove him to meet a man who sold him marijuana.

After she dropped him off at his home the next day, the teen testified his mother and her live-in boyfriend noticed a mark on his neck and questioned him. He lied to protect Adams, the teen testified.

Several months later, he told both of his parents, and his father took him to the sheriff’s department to talk with a detective.

His father petitioned for custody in February. The teen has lived with his father since then.

Adams was indicted in May.

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