Police to stop, question motorists Friday about Lincoln County slaying

Motorists driving near the scene of a December Lincoln County murder will interviewed about the crime by authorities Friday.

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office is partnering with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to conduct field interviews from about 5 p.m. through midnight on Ga. Highway 220 East near the home of 75-year-old Hamp Turner, who was found dead there on Dec. 8, according to a sheriff’s office release.

The stops should be brief and motorists will be asked about the crime and be given fliers with Turner’s photo and date of death, according to the release.

“The sheriff’s office is conducting these interviews as part of its expanding, ongoing investigation in this case,” Sheriff Bruce Beggs said. “Mr. Turner was a well-liked and loved member of our community, and we are committed to bringing the people who committed this terrible murder to justice.”

Police investigating Lincoln County homicide


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